Seeds for growing business. Our service partners and consultants can help you to plant the seeds for you. As your business starts to grow and is ready to expand to new markets, there is often a need for more financial support. 

We can help you get in touch with local investors or alternatively other European investors, who are interested in innovative Finnish inventions/ products. So let us to help you to go your business with our international network of professionals!


There are also other funding possibilities through TEKES, FIBAN and other organizations that we can help you get in touch with. Innovation Networks Ltd.  ( is our main TEKES funding expert and our management consulting service provider. IN has over 20 years of experience in helping Finnish companies to global markets. Innovation Network Ltd’s leading consultant, Dr. Timo Silén is the Chairman of the Finnish Management Consulting Association LJK. Since they have many years of experience in finance, they can point you in the right direction right away. Please see their homepages for further information.

Another important part of growth is the legal side of business. Kalliolaw Asianajotoimisto Oy ─ Attorneys at law ( is our main legal advice provider. They have many years of experience in working together with Finnish SME’s in international markets. Please see their home pages for more detailed information. It is very important to make sure that your product/ business is protected. We can provide you with basic contracts and advice, but do recommend you to contact Kalliolaw directly for more specialized and detailed information. Kalliolaw has also contributed to, which is a set of standardized seed investment documents for startups. The documents are available for download free of charge at

Hub4b Oy ( is our internet service provider. As a member we can offer you a tailored package at a very competitive price. They have various types of business customers and there is no limit to what they can do regarding unexpensive IT solutions.


In all other ICT related matters you should contact Nerd Fuel Oy ( They are very experienced, flexible to suit your specific needs and well appreciated by their customers due to their service minded ideology.

Our network is growing constantly, making it easier for your business to expand to new global markets. In Central Europe we work closely together with multimillion business organizations. Through them we have direct access to over 50 countries, including Central Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. We also have other experienced professionals located in Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America. All our experts are well established in their regions and have many years of experience. They will often do the required translations for a fraction of the cost in our own country.

As a member you will have direct access to the desired market area or alternatively we can also act as an intermediate. You can upgrade your membership to a new business platform, where you can meet other business providers and consultants. Please use the FREE 30 day trial at