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We used to be a change management consultancy. We saw the writing on the wall, and developed a digital platform that enabled us to facilitate in new ways, scale our project size by 10x, and give our clients something new and exciting.

It revolutionized our business to the extent that we knew we couldn't just keep it to ourselves. We call the software REAL



We manufacture and construct outdoor sports and recreation facilities. In addition to a wide range of playground equipment and outdoor furniture, Puuha Group is the only manufacturer to offer a range of playground equipment with Moomin characters.



Fun Academy is a team of pedagogical and entertainment experts, pooling our experience to develop the best fun learning environments, teaching tools and gamified learning tools for teachers and for kids.

We boast a complete kindergarten learning package, digital and physical, helping teachers give children the best start in life and to follow their dreams.


Five Watts Oy was established in 2011 and designs and manufactures durable LED work lights. We build products based on years of firsthand experience of contracting in the demanding Finnish climate.

Main industries; Mining industry, Forestry, Offshore, Construction and OEM.





Managed hosting, cloud service.

Websites and Web based applications for your business E-mail, CRM, Appointments booking service, Web shops, IT support and more. We can find solution based on your requirements simple and efficient!


Kaspian Law & Consulting Oy is a company founded in Helsinki 2013, which offers a variety of law and consulting services. We are a reliable and solution-oriented partner for companies as well as individual persons. Our services combine the strong international know-how of our personnel and high-quality competence in various branches of law.

The highest standard of cheese making equipment, your quality starts with us!

Our ambition is to offer each and every customer the system, that is the most functional and which offers high productivity at optimal investment.


HTCC provides services to entrepreneurs looking for opportunities on a global scale. We help our partners to become familiar with and to be prepared for unique circumstances of unknown markets, mostly in Africa and Asia.


We are the Finnish brand on a mission. We want to make a difference and we are looking for troubles – to solve. That’s what all Magisso products are about. They are unique in terms of function, design and user-friendliness as ideas grow from an actual need, not from the marketing department.


We at Claned Group are a growing team of ambitious professionals who believe in the power of learning. For us, developing Claned is an ongoing process. It’s like learning – the more you learn the more you understand how much there still is to learn and to develop. It’s our job to make your leaning easier by combining analytics, educational expertise and people who have a passion for what they do.

Anumati Naturals is a Finnish company specializing in organic professional skin care.
We in Anumati Naturals pride ourselves in a long standing commitment to provide only natural and ethical cosmetic products.

DOFAST logistiikka- ja pientoimisto keskus sijaitsee tavaravirtojen keskiössä Espoon Vitikassa.

DOFAST tarjoaa varastointia, logistisiapalveluita, pientoimistotiloja, näyttely- ja huoltotiloja sekä tarvittaessa koko yrityksen tarvitseman infran- aina kirjanpitoon, palkanlaskentaan ja tilinpäätökseen saakka.

We are a life science company focused on manufacturing and selling health-promoting natural ingredients derived from the Arctic region's raw materials, berries, plants and herbs. (Fenola supplies a selection of bioactive compounds, liquid and powder extracts, for Nutraceutical, Cosmetic and Food industries.)


GoSleep Sleep Pods are truly innovative seating solutions designed to add value to the terminal experience, whilst offering quality rest and relaxation to the passenger, complete customer satisfaction and also a fantastic revenue opportunity for the operator.


European Green Lean Association EGLA was fouded 2015 to develop, maintain, validate and control Green Lean training and consulting programs. We certificate Green Lean Specialists and Project Directors when they have proven their knowledge and skills. You can find more info  on our home pages above.

LehtoPeat is a pure, 100% natural Finnish product, which is dug by hand from the marsh to avoid braking the consistency. Only the best raw material is accepted, and comminuted right after lifting. The peat is not dehydrated, nothing is neither added or taken away. Only non-moldered pieces of wood are disposed.

The therapeutical effect is based on the high temperature, the antiseptic effect of the peat and on activating effects of the biological elements.


PIIROINEN is a reliable partner that offers its clients fast services and versatile solutions. Designing, manufacturing, selling and marketing our own collection of furniture for use in public spaces, we also manufacture high-quality metal components, undertake metal plating and offer form pressing and upholstery services for the furniture industry.



Lezoil is a 100 % natural product for oil leaks. It works with all kinds of oil and fuel leaks or spilled liquids and it absorbs 99 % of the oil on any surface, water or on the ground. See more from our home pages by clicking the link above.

Our products consists of ecological caskets and urns for pets. Our items are lightweight as well as durable to use and transport. These high quality items are made of recycled and ecological materials and have a small carbon footprint thanks to eco-friendly and decomposing.

The aim of Laitilan Metalli Laine Oy (Ltd) is to manufacture and market the technologically most advanced circular sawmills and conical screw spiral chippers in the world. The brand name LAIMET indicates know-how, expertise and top quality.